Feature OS Android 2.2 (Froyo) With Automatic Update

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Informasi terbaru Feature OS Android 2.2 (Froyo) With Automatic Update Android 2.2 froy
Android Froyo could automatic update firmware

Soon Google will be launching the Android platform generation 2.2 or which is also commonly called Froyo. This new platform dikalim able to update the firmware automatically when the handset is connected to the Internet. Leak was delivered by someone who claims to be part of the developer platform darim froyo.

If that were true then the user does not need hard engupdate applications manually, especially for applications that must be frequently updated to the latest version. With this feature the developers are expected to provide updates at any time. Users will be greatly assisted by the existence of these features, these features previously only available on Windows PCs.

Besides these features will provide fragmentation because it eliminates the bundling of some core applications, such as Google Maps, which will be made separately and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Application of the automatic update feature will also make early became lighter and not burden the processor.

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